Narrative Actors and Real Time Stories – Role Playing Chat

Have you ever seen a play? Dozens of actors all coming together to create the illusion of a scene, all based on a script pre-written and rehearsed time and time again.

Have you ever read a book? A painstaking process of personal creativity, the soul of the author spilled out on pages, and then edited, reworked, re-imagined in a thousand ways, edited, copy edited, rewritten and redone until the most perfect piece possible has been accomplished.

Have you ever seen improve? A scene of comedy or lore acted out in real time, no script, no rehearsal, just actors working with an imaginary scene to create an illusion, a make believe world that is developed and interacted with on the spot, in real time. It is an act of wit and clever lines, cobbled together by quickness of mind.

Role playing chat is a combination of all of these. Part theatre, part book, all happening in real time, acted without script, based only loosely on the preconceived scenes developed by the actors themselves. It is a form of play, written out by the actors, so that a type of book is developed. Stories are created on the fly, coming from the personalities and the interactions of those involved.

And in the end something unique is created.

Some call it a game. The players are, after all, intrinsically tied in a struggle against one another. The bad guys attack, the good guys defends. Wars and battle abound and rage all around. And yet in the struggle it is more about beauty then victory. A loss is not a defeat if it’s handled in an interesting way. As long as the best possible story is told, nobody will ever die forever.

That’s the unique nature of this beast. You don’t just compete; you work together, good and evil, friend and foe, all for the creation of something greater than you. It is something living and breathing, which rears its head into the world and enlightens us all.

The future of the story is being created on the tender tendrils of the web we walk. And in its wake we are seeing the birth of epic tales of love and loss. We are creating the future of the myth. We are the storytellers.